Why Can't We Solve Wicked Problems Yet?

CAS are too complex for human minds let alone Euclidean AI to understand, predict, and influence.

CAS, like our Earth, are non-Euclidean 3-dimensional (3D), whereas most humans see and think in Euclidean 2D space (yes, depth perception is an illusion created by the mind). Thanks to Einstein, it is now known that the 3D world is embedded in 4D spacetime. This extra dimension enabled thinkers to improve knowledge and predictions about the world. But humans are still limited by bias and linear, 2D thinking. The computational power and efficiency of AI is no better as their models are designed in their maker’s 2D image, compounding human bias to critical levels. What’s missing is a different kind of engine which can understand each relationship in relation to the complex adaptive system as a whole and every layer in between. It requires non-Euclidean math to understand our non-Euclidean complex adaptive world.

Last updated byTiara Womack on November 24, 2020
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