ipvive Team


ipvive, inc. is a team of serial entrepreneurs and creators focused on matching business assets to creative triggers (ideas) *and* competitive triggers (markets). Our focus is discovering and building 5 relationships for ipvive eiOS, Inc.: NeuroTalent, NeuroCustomer, NeuroResearch, NeuroEducation and NeuroMobility markets. Our Catalyzer partnerships are designed to form novel segments within traditional markets for potential merger/acquisition by an incumbent player in 12-24 months.

ipvive eiOS, inc is a subsidiary of ipvive, inc. ipvive eiOS is the first hyperbolic machine learning using knot complements to embed sparsified graphs into 3-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds. It understands neurological, physiological and environmental signals for cultural-emotional personalization.




  • Scott Oki, Entrepreneur & Former Microsoft Executive

  • Khaled Saffouri, Entrepreneur & Former RackSpace Executive

  • Murali Chirala, Entrepreneur & Former Yahoo Executive

  • Arthur Lin, Entrepreneur & Former Apple Executive

  • Phil Cardman, Entrepreneur & Former Tech Company General counsel


  • Dana Carney, U. C. Berkeley ISPR Professor

  • Robert Eberhart, Stanford Professor


  • TiE50, Top 50 of 10,000+ Start-ups

  • Plug-n-Play Japan, Batch 0

  • Plug-n-Play IoT, Batch 13

  • IBM, Global Entrepreneurial Program

  • CIO Forum, Disruptive Start-up

  • SVIC, Innovative Start-up