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IRIE© Intrapreneur Group | Founder

Company: Ipvive, Inc.

Technology: With over 35 years of applied hyperbolic 3-manifold topology research and development, Ipvive is the only team in the world capable of designing and developing the IRIE© | Ipvive Relational Intelligence Engine: Understanding Complexity in an Uncertain Future.

Market Development: Ipvive has a track record of divergent thinking and of executing new market development initiatives with deep cultural understanding through relationships in Japan, ASEAN, Silicon Valley, and Seattle.

Job Description: The IRIE© Intrapreneur Founder will learn how to create next generation market solutions through relational intelligence. If active learning is preferred over being told what to do, this is the right opportunity. The job includes a balance of open ended, creative challenges with specific goals that have direct impact on current market developent activities of IRIE© (see IRIE© | Ipvive, Inc.).

Compensation: Based primarily on applicant aptitude and attitude, financial compensation is highly competitive in this sector of the technology market.

Growth Opportunities: Value creators deserve to share in that upside. Roles, responsibilities, and rewards grow with the apprentice’s skills and character. If the individual wants to apply their new capabilities elsewhere, the higher order thinking and feeling acquired through this active learning apprenticeship prepares them to be an entrepreneur or to attain a higher level job at any company better than any classroom program. 

We value character and skills over experience:

  • Social: excellent critical thinking, reasoning and communication skills
  • Curious: eager to learn new stuff
  • Entrepreneurial: demonstrated ambition and ability to be the best in a difficult field
  • Independent: adaptable self-starter without need for direct guidance or authority
  • Smart: quick to grasp and implement unfamiliar abstract concepts
  • Team Player: able to collaborate with humor, humility, enthusiasm and resilience

Ipvive, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans’ status or any other characteristic protected by law.