Relational Intelligence

We're building a smarter, more human approach to relational intelligence (natural/artificial).
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Upstack Relational Intelligence Engine


Complex Adaptive Reasoning Services

Enabling each individual to understand the complex adaptive system around them.

Unbiased User Lenses

Relational Intelligence uses hyperbolic lenses to represent how each individual perceives the world. It more accurately quantifies bias (the distance between an objective event and its subjective interpretation from a given lens) and the differences between individual biases.


Relational Intelligence combines and temporally aligns diverse data types for each device and its media signals (e.g. pixels in each video frame) without data cleansing or wrangling, putting us several steps ahead of common AI which require more data scientists as data types increase.

Decentralized Runtime

Relational Intelligence is made for smart edge intelligence. Each user’s hyperbolic lens can be deployed on device for real-time, relational nudges. New or unknown patterns are vectorized and sent to the cloud to update lenses so traditional AI can improve without the expense of breaking and re-training models.

Partners and Alliances

See how ipvive's Relational Intelligence learns the complex game of BRIDGE.

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