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Introducing IRIE©

The Ipvive Relational Intelligence Engine
Understanding Complexity in an Uncertain Future

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“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.”

– William Thurston

IRIE© glues partner point solutions and augments with higher order features:

Personalized Lens/Nudge

IRIE© uses hyperbolic lenses to represent how each individual perceives the world. It more accurately quantifies bias (the distance between an objective event and its subjective interpretation from a given lens) and the differences between individual biases. It augments each optimal point with a nudge to transform current state-to-goal.

Superhuman Perception

Even the best of can't notice everything. IRIE© superhuman perception sees subtle changes in bio-physiological signals hidden in data. IRIE© interprets them from each individual's personalized lens to objectively understand what triggers their thinking and feeling in the complex adaptive world around them.

Hyperbolic lens machine learning

Act Local, Construct Global Reasoning

An adaptively valid global perspective is most reliably constructed from a comprehensive network of active local views, just as a global manifold is dynamically constructed from its local charts.

IRIE© Partners and Alliances

IRIE© glues partner point solutions and augments with higher order features to co-create wicked solutions.

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We value character and skills over experience and knowledge.


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