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Introducing IRIE©

The Ipvive Relational Intelligence Engine

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IRIE© is a powerful deep tech engine and complex adaptive system architecture that uses machine learning and the mathematics of personalization and relational intelligence to create truly ultra-personalized ambient intelligence (UPAI) experiences.

UPAI enables next-generation edge and mesh comprehensive intelligence that continuously uncovers hidden trigger points in complex data, enabling real-time mutually beneficial steps based on ultra-personalized remixes of the world’s resources toward goals.

IRIE© Customers + Partners 

Microsoft Corp

CAS Products + Solutions enabling ultra-personalized data and tools

Education UP

Education UP adds only novel and necessary upstack value to today’s learning, pedagogy and sciences through open ended discovery of unbiased learning triggers and associating the remix of the world’s knowledge to see what, why and how towards autonomous goals.


Fujikura Ltd.

Pilot customer of the alpha version of CAS New Product Development

CAS Customer

Mutual Trust Drives Real Outcomes

Our Mission
To provide the what and the why, so your sales teams can understand the how…

from a culturally focused lens.


Itoki Global

Pilot customer of the alpha version of CAS New Product Development

CAS Regenerative

CAS Solution discovering mutually regenerative steps towards complex goals (e.g. Never Fill Up transportation)

Mazda Motor Corp

Pilot customer of the alpha version of CAS New Product Development

CAS Strategy

CAS Solution discovering the unique business lane to profitability

CAS Discovery Fund

CAS Solution discovering + investing into the Future of Humanity

Upskill UP


Mission: To provide the what and the why, so you and your teams can understand the how…

from a competency and character focused lens.


CAS Applied Tech enabling ultra-personalization customization and management

The World is a Complex Adaptive System (CAS)

The world is a Complex Adaptive System (CAS), consisting of multiscale autonomous systems that continually adapt to concurrent changes, both intrinsic and extrinsic to them. Multi-community education systems, innovative developments in technology, healthcare, and business, futuristic societies that ensure quality of life, are all but a few examples of CAS. To understand the complexity of such systems and help decision makers, we need solutions that match the complexity of the problem.

Introducing IRIE©, that learns the inherent structure of the Complex Adaptive Systems through Relational Intelligence

Together with our deep tech partners, we create solutions towards building multiscale architecture of complex, open-ended problems. The resulting multiple perspectives are stitched together to drive our understanding of a complex adaptive world and guide our decision-making into the unknown, undiscovered future.

Together with our deep tech partners, we create solutions towards building multiscale architecture of complex, open-ended problems.

What makes IRIE© Technology Special

IRIE© features a revolutionary interlocking “slow cycle” and “fast cycle” architecture that finds order in chaos as viewed from different perspectives. The “fast cycle” “discovers the novel” while the “slow” cycle “learns,” “verifies,” and “consolidates” the complexity. The deployed and emergent “Relational Intelligence” of CAS from IRIE echoes superhuman learning and augments human-understanding through the stages of Super Sensing, Super Judgment, Ultra-personalized Nudges, and Super-Verification.

Super Sensing

Today’s technologies offer a dizzying array of edge, hybrid & centralized services; different vendors and services, software & hardware; multi-modal sensors; and independent decision-making intelligences, but with little insights into the structure of the enormous amount of data collected from a CAS. In absence of such a knowledge, the decision-making is often informed by inaccurate, expensive, and biased intelligences.

IRIE© forges a better path by utilizing Relational Intelligence in combining the multimodal data collected from a given CAS.

Super Judgement

The collective knowledge of today is a result of that of the past continually evolving through the processes of hypotheses and conjectures about the nature of the world. Around these emerging branches, a whole body of scientific knowledge grew through the development of theoretical and computational frameworks, further guiding the future technological and experimental advances. Due to the evolving nature of our knowledge of the world and hidden uncertainties, decision-making processes in CAS involve combinatorically explosive decision points. The challenges are further compounded by errors and judgment-biases.

In addition, novel innovations (e.g. CRISPR/CAS9) can swiftly and radically transform existing beliefs and norms in human-communities, thus leading to unpredictable and uncertain changes in the perspectives of people through which they assess their universe and make decisions.

IRIE© builds a map of the inherent complexity of the complex adaptive world as seen through multiple perspectives to enable a more comprehensive picture of the world.

Ultra-Personalized Nudge

IRIE© enables ultra-personalized nudges to transform each person into a Superhuman.

Success metrics for contemporary education systems, market development, product development, relationship development, policy affect, etc., indicate that today’s Euclidean approaches fail to construct a “fine tailored” understanding of a point (proximity) in relation to a goal (utility) and the relational trust and complexity of the world around them.

IRIE© builds the view of a complex world from multiple personalized perspectives, which are utilized to construct customized, ultra-personalized nudges guiding the actions of a given system (e.g. people, businesses, communities) towards their evolving goals.

Super Verification

IRIE© verifies the perspective of the global body of people as a Superhuman, not an isolated social construction.

Today, history is written by the in-class, extracting meaning from a single social construct. When two cultures clash, the losers are obliterated, and the winners write the history books – sacred tomes that glorify their own noble cause and disparage the shortcomings of the conquered foe. As Napoleon once rhetorically mused,

‘What is history, but a fable agreed upon?’

Shared objective reality considers the complex adaptive world as it relates to the entire range of people’s perspectives.

A comparison and verification of the multiple perspectives generated by IRIE© consolidates multiple cores of knowledge across systems (e.g., people, families, communities, cultures, businesses).

Guided Learning

IRIE© discovers divergence from a common trend like a Superhuman.

Divergent thinking & divergent phenomena both require scientific verification to gain the common trust of the people, and to consolidate the foundation from which future-discoveries emerge. Today’s technologies enable people to be more efficient in knowing what is knowable. However, understanding complex adaptive systems also means understanding problems for which social complexity has no determinable stopping point. (Known as Wicked Problem). Today’s common technologies consider this kind of discovery to be intractable.

Having built the map of a CAS through multiple perspectives and their verification across systems, CAS illuminates the path to divergent patterns and unknown-unknowns of the future.

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.”

– William Thurston

IRIE© Job Opportunities

We value character and skills over experience and knowledge.


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