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IRIE© glues the partner foundation-to-future tools & technologies and creates mutual profitable steps to wicked solutions

“Math is really about the human mind, about how people can think effectively, and why curiosity is quite a good guide.”

– William Thurston

IRIE© Interoperability

bootstrap correlation maps lowest level signals (heterogenous-multimodal i/o sensors, actuators & sciences) into graphs that are embedded in hyperbolic 3-space, not human data cleansing nor temporal pipelines

IRIE© Personalization

continuously fine tunes nudges for each individual lens in relation to the set of personalized lenses around them, science, and goal. It is more meaningful way, not based on expert opinion nor guesswork.

IRIE© Mutually Profitable Steps

Upstack value from discovery of unknow and dark, perceived to be unknowable correlations that create profitable steps towards solving wicked problems. The indispensable and invaluable profit is shared transgenerationally.

IRIE© Ecosystem

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IRIE© glues The Partner Foundation-to-future tools & technologies
and creates mutual profitable steps to wicked solutions.