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IRIE© Education Ecosystem

Augments each individual (student, teacher, parent, administrator, community) to understand the complex adaptive system around them and continuously improve at personalized point-to-goal.​

“Math is really about the human mind, about how people can think effectively, and why curiosity is quite a good guide.”

– William Thurston

IRIE© glues The Partner Foundation-to-future tools & technologies into a personalized adaptive learning ecosystem with higher order features to transform education:

Free Up 30% of Teacher's Time

IRIE© automates administrative tasks with user-specific multi-modal learning analytics and classroom data mining. It automatically populates student profiles with real world behavior based on 99.9%+ accurate transcripts, video recognition, and emotion recognition from audio, video, and sensors. It adds suggestions of higher level analytics such as what content or teacher communication style triggered engagement linked to personality tendencies and character traits.

Increase Student / Classroom Learning by 1000%

IRIE© adds personalized lenses which fine tune content, relational, and environmental factors so that each student is engaged and wants to learn. It adds suggestions of higher level analytics in real-time so that teachers can see steps to balance classroom engagement as a whole toward optimal learning outcomes.  

Engage the Community as a Whole to make every moment a learning moment

IRIE© adds higher level suggestions for teachers and principals to automatically engage the best community member (classmate, school administrator, family member, neighbor) at the right moment to support each student when and where it matters most. It takes a village to raise a child. No teacher can control what skills and character children copy outside the classroom.

IRIE© is finely tuned to resonate with complex adaptive systems by leveraging the local precision of low-dimensional hyperbolic geometry rather than inheriting the global bias of high-dimensional Euclidean geometry.

Personalized Lens/Nudge

IRIE© uses hyperbolic lenses to represent how each individual perceives the world. It more accurately quantifies bias (the distance between an objective event and its subjective interpretation from a given lens) and the differences between individual biases. It augments each optimal point with a nudge to transform current state-to-goal.

Super Human Perception

Even the best of can’t notice everything. IRIE© super human perception sees subtle changes in bio-physiological signals hidden in data. IRIE© interprets them from each individual’s personalized lens to objectively understand what triggers their thinking and feeling in the complex adaptive world around them.

Hyperbolic lens machine learning

Act Local, Construct Global Reasoning

An adaptively valid global perspective is most reliably constructed from a comprehensive network of active local views, just as a global manifold is dynamically constructed from its local charts.

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IRIE© glues The Partner Foundation-to-future tools & technologies
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